JAOSJournal of the American Oriental Society
JAOSJapan Offroad Service (Tokyo, Japan)
JAOSJapan Amateurs Orchid Society
JAOSJournalism Association of Ohio Schools
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Jaos was then in the area to deliver some products to a store.
Investigation showed that at around 11 a.m., Jaos was held up by two motorcycle-riding armed men on San Gabriel St.
O'Callaghan, "An Approach to Some Religious Problems of Karatepe," ArOr 18/2 (1950): 354-65, on 360; William Kelly Simpson, "New Light on the God Reshep," JAOS 73 (1953): 88.
In FY 05, the efforts of ALSA's 14 JAOs resulted in the completion of 14 multi-service publications, 18 assessments, five new research projects, and outreach to 63 tactical-level units including a trip to Afghanistan.
The two titles under review are further installments of a large-scale project funded by the German Research Foundation, of which a first gem, a model edition of the letters of Otto Bohtlingk to Rudolf Roth, detailing their collaboration in making the monumental Petersburg Dictionary of Sanskrit, appeared in 2007 (reviewed in JAOS 129.3 [2009]: 507-11).
That the extensive section on rajadharma in Manu's smrti is an innovation without precedent in the dharmasutras has long been evident, well before the rediscovery of the Arthasastra; and, as Olivelle shows, the Arthasastra is the likely source of much of the material in this section (see the formal demonstration of this by Mark McClish in JAOS 2014: 241-62), especially its third and fourth books, on the eighteen topics of lawsuits, criminal law, and the procedures of courts of law, including the technical vocabulary through which these things are discussed.
As a result, this volume follows a developing trend, in that a number of scholars have sought recently to provide studies of the sultan's life and career that consider him in a wider sense (most notably Anne-Marie Edde's masterful Saladin, published in French in 2008 and in English in 2011; see my review in JAOS 134.1).
Powers discussed this issue in his monograph Muhammad Is Not the Father of Any of Your Men in 2009 (see the review in JAOS 131 [2011]: 171-73).
However, the historiographical material can offer genuine information on the Byzantine period (see the reviewer, JAOS 135 [2015]: 189-207) and the Middle Ages.
A cognate, though quite different, book was published a few years ago by Carl Ernst entitled How to Read the Quran (for which, see Travis Zadeh, "Quranic Studies and the Literary Turn," JAOS 135.2).
Building on the insights from her own earlier article in this journal, "Wang Tong and the Compilation of the Zhongshuo: A New Evaluations of the Source Materials and Points of Controversy" (JAOS 121 [2001]: 370-90), Warner's focus is on rigorous assessment of all the historical evidence.