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(19) Basic details on railway organisational structure are drawn from Nihon kokuyu tetsudu, Nihon kokuyu tetsudd hyakunen shi (A hundred-year history of the Japan National Railway) V (Tokyo, 1973), pp.
(24) Nihon kokuyu tetsudd, Nihon kokuyu tetsudo hyakunen shi, tsu shi (A hundred-year history of the Japan National Railway, General history) (Tokyo, 1974), p.
In 1998, liabilities worth 26.3 trillion yen (5 1/4 per cent of GDP) will be transferred to the central government's account from that of the Japan National Railway Settlement Corporation and National Forest Special Account, but the projections do not account for these as entering into the deficit.
By offering a detailed study of the evolution of the Meiji railway policy, this book contributes to the knowledge of the centennial history of the Japan National Railways and of Japanese industrial policy-making.
The privatization and division of Japan National Railways in 1987 and the leasing of shinkansen facilities to passenger railways companies helped JNR to pay back its debts.
Service has improved since the Japan National Railways was privatized in 1987, but 2003 stands out as an exceptional year for the shinkansen, with virtually no serious accidents or delays caused by blizzards, typhoons or human error.
The three companies are among the seven JR group companies set up in 1987 when the now-defunct Japan National Railways was privatized.
Japan National Railways first began researching superconducting magnetic levitation back in 1962, two years prior to the opening of the Shinkansen bullet train service between Tokyo and Osaka.
The key to the development of Umeda is the former Japan National Railways freight yard north of the station.
While the other projects have been grafted onto preexisting commercial or office zones, for years the Shiodome site was a disused freight terminal owned by the defunct Japan National Railways, which was privatized in 1987.
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