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JAPSJapan Automatic Protection Switching
JAPSJava Application Server
JAPSJournal of Applied Polymer Science
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During the second day, our planes bombed all day long and the Japs were still pretty strong.
Japs and Carl seem to be invigorated by the challenge of taking their music to its next level as evidenced in the pop-dance track "Panaginip."
Each juvenile routed to JAP makes for one less client that a public defender represents in court.
"I have seen plenty of our dead and plenty of theirs, and whereas ours look bewildered, as though someone has taken an unfair advantage of them, the Japs have their lips drawn back over their prominent teeth in a last snarling defiance."
Another Twitter user, Charles Dominguez, (https://twitter.com/CharlesD_beast/status/233662779914076160) wrote that the game was the "3rd nuke the Americans dropped on the japs" (after Hiroshima and Nagasaki), Dominguez's Twitter profile simply reads, "i do it."
JAPS.- Estara en el desarrollo inmobiliario Carso, por razones obvias de miS relaciones de trabajo con Carlos Slim quien esta haciendo ahi en Polanco el segundo Museo Soumaya.
The American Heritage Dictionary calls JAP "offensive slang" and defines it as "a Jewish American girl or woman regarded as being pampered or overindulged." Urban Dictionary, an online site with reader-created definitions, is less delicate: A JAP is a "large-breasted, outwardly attractive, internally spoiled, greedy, complicated, self-righteous, and obnoxiously difficult and overbearing Jewish female."
JAPS Elektronik has 45 employees at offices in Vasteras and Stockholm in Sweden, and has an annual turnover of EUR5m.
In business for twelve years now, JAPS (the name comes from initials of the firm's two founders) has undergone a complete makeover that began in 1998, as EUR 3.8 million was invested to bring its operation up to EU veterinary and food processing standards.
Japs says he expected the Illertissen plant to produce 200 optimizing cross-cut lines in 1999 to with a medium-term objective of 500 per year.
the Japs complained that Powell might give a dodgy decision against them with the Reggae Boyz battling it out in the same group.
The unitary trait, that little bit of the real representing the mark of ethnicity--like a Jewish nose--sets them apart from total identification with the commodity signifier, e.g., they will always read as JAPS in Chanel.