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JILJesus Is Lord
JILJoint Innovation Lab (telecommunications)
JILJapan Institute of Labour
JILJaringan Islam Liberal (religion forum; Indonesia)
JILJefferies International Limited
JILJoint Innovation Laboratory (application development platform)
JILJobs in Locations
JILJoint Intelligence Laboratory (USJFCOM Joint Transformation Command-Intelligence)
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The second chapter maps Muslim intellectualism in the post-New Order period, from profiling leaders (such as Nurcholish Madjid and Abdurrahman Wahid), to schools (such as Ciputat and Yogya), to camps of new ulama, organisations (Jaringan Islam Liberal, Nahdlatul Ulama's youth wing GP Ansor, and Muhammadiyah), and the individual antagonists and their organisations.
For instance, a thorough treatment of the Jaringan Islam Liberal and also the 2005 MUI fatwa which opposes pluralism, liberalism, and secularism as well as the societal and intellectual debates this provoked, could have enriched the discussion on the concept of liberalism, which is so central in the book.
Metodologi Ijtihad Versi Jaringan Islam Liberal: Satu Analisis Metodologi Ijtihad Jaringan Islam Liberal Indonesia, Tesis Sarjana, Jabatan Usuluddin Dan Falsafah, Fakulti Pengajian Islam, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
Likewise, the author overstates the popularity and resilience of Jaringan Islam Liberal (Liberal Islam Network) which has been in significant retreat since 9/11, as other militant groups such as Front Pembela Islam (FPI, or Islamic Defender's Front) have intimidated its members, while the quasi-official Ulama's Council of Indonesia (MUI) have issued fatwas branding "liberal Islam" un-Islamic (p.
This discussion feeds into a broader analysis of the evolution of Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama, their internal struggles, and the external challenge posed by Majelis Ulama Indonesia and Jaringan Islam Liberal as well-defined conservative and progressive organisations.
Muhammad Ali's chapter gives an analysis of the discourses developed by the Jaringan Islam Liberal (JIL, Liberal Islamic Network).
The articles entitled 'Tafsiran Quran Dalam Perspektif Jaringan Islam Liberal' (Muhd Najib, 2007) and 'Tafsiran Jaringan Islam Liberal: Kajian Analisis Metodologi dan Penyelewengan Tafsir Jaringan Islam Liberal Indonesia' by Muhibbudin Hasan in year 2004, have given attention to the approaches used by the liberal Islamic thought in the translation field.
Metodologi Ijtihad Versi Jaringan Islam Liberal: Satu Analisis Metodologi Ijtihad Jaringan Islam Liberal Indonesia, MA Dissertation, Department of Usuluddin and Philosophy, Faculty of Islamic Studies, National University of Malaysia.
Ulil Abshar-Abdalla, coordinator of the Jaringan Islam Liberal, indicated that his organization received about Rp.
They include Ulil Abshar-Abdalla, coordinator of the Jaringan Islam Liberal. (27)
The section on MUI is followed by a short section on Jaringan Islam Liberal (JIL, Islam Liberal Network).