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JASSAJournal of Applied Science in Southern Africa (University of Zimbabwe)
JASSAJapan-America Society of San Antonio (Texas)
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Jassa and her two daughters became homeless but are now being housed by Daybreak of Lisle.
neya wakara jassa jowe'e-ke'-e mokara wagga takke gwiiga-wi-ni
Stores stocked seafood from MSC-certified fisheries for fear of criticism from environmental campaign groups if they did not do so, said Martin Jassa, an analyst at strategic planners Callander McDowell.
Resumiendo, podemos senalar que dentro de este modo de produccion hallamos al menos dos clases sociales bien definidas: la 'amma (el pueblo llano), dentro del cual destacamos al campesinado organizado en comunidades rurales, y la clase dominante, la jassa (aristocracia) que concentra el poder politico y vive de los tributos que exige a los anteriores.
Tot dreit davan Guillem passeron Cantan una kalenda maia Que dis: 'Cella domna ben aia Que non fai languir son amic, No non tem gelos ni castic, Qu'il non an a son cavallier Em bosc, em prat o en vergier, E dins sa cambra non famene Per so que meilz ab lui s'abene, E-l gilos jassa daus l'esponda.
Psevdos, 1997, "Bargain Buys, Why Australian Government IPOs are Not as Cheap as Some", JASSA, 17-23.
As noted above, the area around Senaning includes not only the Bugau but also speakers of Iban and Sebaru' as well as a sizeable settlement of Sintang Malays; even remote villages, such as Jassa, have mixed Bugau and Iban populations (Demetrius, personal communication 13 June 2002).
Teacher Jassa Scott deserves special praise, " says John Huw, for the way in which she joined energetically into all facets of play.
Ese colegio pertenece a la orden de las monjas teresianas cuya fundadora fue la madre Saturnina Jassa.
During the winter and early spring, seaweed assemblages on hard substrata support very high densities of mobile epifauna, dominated by the suspension-feeding amphipods Caprella penantis and Jassa marmorata (formerly J.
skeleton (caprellid) and tubiculous amphipods, such as Jassa falcata; and tubiculous polychaetes, such as Sabellaria vulgaris and Hydroides dianthus.
Jassa, The Journal of the Securities Institute of Australia, 4 (December), 2-6.