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JSRJapan Synthetic Rubber (est. 1957)
JSRJava Specification Request
JSRJournal of Southern Religion (Association for the Study of Southern Religion)
JSRJ Sargeant Reynolds Community College (Virginia)
JSRJournal of Service Research (Sage Publications)
JSRJoint Special Representative (UN)
JSRJava Solution Request
JSRJump to Subroutine
JSRJet Set Radio (Sega video game)
JSRJournal of Sedimentary Research
JSRJump to Subroutine (6502 processor instruction)
JSRJournal of Sex Research
JSRJournal of Safety Research
JSRJournal of Sea Research
JSRJournal of Sport Rehabilitation
JSRJoint Strategy Review
JSRJournal of Shellfish Research
JSRJournal of Ship Research
JSRJammer-to-Signal Ratio
JSRJoint Strategic Review
JSRJeunes Socialistes pour la Rénovation (French: Young Socialists for Renovation)
JSRJoint Services Review
JSRJavelin Strategy and Research
JSRJob Status Report
JSRJoint Status Review
JSRJoint Surveillance Review
JSRJoint Safety Review
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NetBeans 3.6 supports J2EE 1.4, Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.5, and provides improved JSP debugging with Java Specification Request (JSR) 45.
OASIS has been working in parallel on another standard called JSR 168 (Java Specification Request) which aims to deliver inter-operability across different vendors' portlets.
Adopting a school report-card metaphor, McNealy rated industry participation in the JCP is an "A" saying 55 different organizations are participating on Java Specification Requests (JSRs).
The JTC will promote the creation, adoption and advancement of Java Specification Requests (JSRS) for "toolability" and interoperability in the design-time area.
Don Deutsch, Oracle vice president of standards, strategy and architecture and a JCP executive committee member for desktop and server-side Java, admitted some Java Specification Requests (JSRs) do stick, but overall he believes the JCP moves fast.
Oracle's product mix features Java and the company has participated in numerous Java Specification Requests (JSR), Gosling said.