JCARJoint Committee on Administrative Rules
JCARJefferson County Association of Realtors (Lakewood, CO)
JCARJunior Canadian Auto Racing
JCARJoint Channel Assignment and Routing
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4 shows that SA-JRCA has the lowest [Util.sub.max] and NetAvgCont, and the highest PDR over all time intervals followed by MVCRA and JCAR. In order to study the statistical dependence between both [Util.sub.max], NetAvgCont and network performance represented by PDR, Spearman's [rho] [57] has been used.
Next, in June 2006, the Illinois State Board of Education submitted a revised proposal to the JCAR which still had final say over rule changes.
Next, Middaugh focuses on the work of the Joint Commission on Accountability Reporting, which was established in 1996 by several of the major higher education associations in Washington, DC He credits JCAR with providing "tangible measures for discussing the higher education enterprise," since its focus has been on output measures with consistent definitions and reporting formats (p.
(3) JCAR is an umbrella organization representing the major political parties and the largest ethnic minority pressure groups, including representatives of the Board of Deputies of British Jews.
JCAR gave its blessing to the proposed new rule Tuesday during a brief meeting in Chicago.
Tenders are invited for access control and surveillance service of the headquarters of the hydrographic confederation of jcar in valencia
Contract Awarded for Contracting of the supply of air conditioning system and electrical fluid assurance for the headquarters of albacete of the hydrographic confederation of jcar, Or.
Tenders are invited for Hiring of the insurance policy for the vehicles that make up the fleet of the Jcar Hydrographic Confederation OA
Tenders are invited for Satellite communications services for reservoirs and stations in the Jcar Basin (2019-2020).
Tenders are invited for Study of the determination of the quality of urban and industrial wastewater discharges and their environmental impact in the area of Jcar Hydrographic Confederation.
Tenders are invited for CAU service, technical support, administration and security of the computer systems of the Confederacin Hidrogrfica del Jcar,
Tenders are invited for Access control and surveillance service of the Valencia headquarters of the Jcar Hydrographic Confederation.