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JDAMSJoint Direct Attack Munitions System
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Engdhal continues, although he added: "The Navy is closely following the development and fielding of extended range variants of JDAM by our international allies although we currently do not have a requirement for JDAM-ER.
For comparison, one US Hellfire missile is said to cost around $100,000, and one JDAM around $25,000, not including the bomb.
If we do not have an exact GPS coordinate for a target, but we have the ability to put a laser spot on it, we'll still be able to drop JDAMs in that application," Taylor said.
Remember also we'd just dropped 80 500-pound JDAMs, GPS-guided weapons off of a B-2 against 80 separate targets.
Even the smallest precision-guided bomb now available in the fleet--the 500-pound JDAM (joint direct attack munition)--is too big for many types of close-air support missions and puts friendly troops at risk, said Navy Capt.
Once released from the aircraft, the JDAM navigates to the target autonomously, In its most accurate mode the JDAM system will have an error of less than 40 feet.
On the bomb run, we defeated multiple ballistic surface to air missile launches while releasing all 12 JDAMs on the Republican Guard Medina division.
If you had offered the B-1 with JDAMs in direct support of ground forces as a solution 10 years ago, I would have laughed heartily because it's not what we envisioned.
The contribution of JDAMs has been realized in conjunction with an integrated targeting and communication system, including the possibility of changing the target coordinates in the individual weapons while the delivery aircraft is in flight.
The first generation of JDAMs are vastly cheaper than laser-guided missiles--price tag: $250,000 to $1 million apiece--yet are even more accurate than most of the munitions used during the first Gulf War.
It added: 'The 52nd Fighter Wing recently acquired the JDAM capability and for the first time tested the use of this weapon on F-16CJ aircraft by releasing two inert JDAMs.
Like a Pentagon procurement brochure, Halberstam goes into lengthy descriptions of JDAMs (Joint Direct Attack Munitions, or "smart bombs"), the F-117, and the B-2 (which both "resembled bats, but the B-2, with a wingspan of 172 feet, resembled a bat on a diet of steroids"), replete with such military-porn terms as "collateral damage," "radius of accuracy," and "striking power.