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The three-year Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence program NEXTEUK will fund research, teaching and public engagement activities related to the future of the European Union (EU)-United Kingdom (UK) relations.
However, he and his fellow MEP Knut Fleckenstein are going to Skopje Friday to meet with all parties outside of the Jean Monnet format, which is something in which Vajgl doesn't want to take part.
This is the fifth time that MAHE has been awarded grants under the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet initiative.
Jean Monnet recalled in the early days of its reform and opening up, China borrowed from the World Bank and Asia Development Bank.
Jean Monnet commands a prominent position among the Fathers of Europe, his influence in the creation of the first European Communities and further development of the organization is well known and documented.
Onestini on the following topics: Capacity building in Higher Education, Joint Masters Degrees and Individual Mobility, Jean Monnet & Marie Sklodowski-Curie action.
Nevertheless, although we should not lose sight of all the other formative influences in Jean Monnet's long and eventful life, Jean Monnet and Canada provides considerable support for the view that his early encounters with Canada and Canadians served as muses for his lifelong work on European supranational unity.
The Jean Monnet Scholarship Program is the best working program between the EU and Turkey, Bagis stressed.
En el marco de la celebracion de los 20 anos de la Facultad de Finanzas, Gobierno y Relaciones Internacionales, la Catedra Jean Monnet de Derecho Comunitario Europeo, realizo el 30 y 31 de agosto, en la universidad Externado de Colombia, el Foro OASIS --Jean Monnet "Los retos de la integracion: una perspectiva comparada entre America Latina y la Union Europea" y cuyas memorias se registran en este dossier.
Finbarr McAuley holds the Jean Monnet Chair of European Criminal Justice at University College Dublin, while Geoffrey Shannon is a lecturer in family law, child law and human rights law at the Law Society of Ireland.
One day was devoted to outings--to the Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe in Lausanne, the ancient Abbey of St Maurice, the Red Cross Museum and the International Museum of the Reformation in Geneva.
Welfens is President of the European Institute for International Economic Relations at the University of Wuppertal; Jean Monnet Chair for European Economic Integration and Chair in Macroeconomics, University of Wuppertal; and co-editor of International Economics and Economic Policy.