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The sell-off signalled the first step to break up the conglomerate constructed by former chairman Jean-Marie Messier.
The signing of the final agreement will be subject to a number of suspensive conditions and should be pushed through within two months, according to the group led by Jean-Marie Messier. Vivendi Universal will retain a minority stake in the holding acquiring its shares in Elektrim, holding a sale option and the investors a purchase option on this stake.
The foul-mouthed U2 frontman praised his friend, Vivendi Universal boss Jean-Marie Messier for helping with his struggle to reduce Third World debt and "fight the corporate mother - - er".
Vivendi also announced that Jean-Marie Messier would become a member of EchoStar's Board of Directors when the investment occurs, and he will continue as a director following the pending merger of EchoStar and Hughes Electronics.
The guest list included a phalanx of CEOs -- among them Cisco Systems' John Chambers, Vivendi's Jean-Marie Messier, and SAP's Hasso Plattner.
Jean-Marie Messier of Vivendi-Universal (which controls Tele+) is hopeful.
In an interview with La Tribune, Vivendi Universal President Jean-Marie Messier said an agreement has been signed with Sony to create a joint venture named Duet.
But they're also old friends, to the point that Steve Case, Thomas Middelhoff and Jean-Marie Messier are on each other's America Online "buddy lists."
Vivendi's chairman and CEO, Jean-Marie Messier, will be chairman of Vivendi Universal, while Seagram president and CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr.
The company now operate in 100 countries with 250,000 employees and dynamic boss Jean-Marie Messier is delighted with his latest acquisition.
Chief executive Jean-Marie Messier told French business weekly Le Journal des Finances that the pub lic offerings would start with the group's games portal units.
"What we recognize is that we share a vision of a full-service, global water enterprise," said Jean-Marie Messier, chairman of Vivendi, in a written statement.