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JHJahrhundert (German: century)
JHJackson Hole
JHJunior High School
JHJuvenile Hormone (insects)
JHJugendherberge (German: youth hostel)
JHJimi Hendrix (guitarist/singer)
JHJohn Hancock
JHJust Hair (various locations)
JHJeff Hamilton (clothing)
JHJohnny Hallyday (French pop star)
JHJohn Howard
JHJeff Hardy (WWE wrestler)
JHJunior Hunter
JHJames Hetfield (vocals/rhythm for band Metallica)
JHJoseph Haydn (classical composer)
JHJames Hardie (siding, backerboard and pipe company)
JHJim Henson
JHJournal of Hydrology
JHJoyful Honda (store; various locations)
JHJoint Hypermobility
JHJimmy Hoffa
JHJuvenile Hall
JHJapan Highway Public Corporation
JHJim Hawkins (Outlaw Star character)
JHJuvenile Hemochromatosis
JHJH Harland (stock symbol)
JHJubbada Hoose (postal region, Somalia)
JHJour-Homme (French: man-Ddays)
JHJeehun Hwang (composer)
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Together with Van Helsing's sidekick Carl the pair discover that Jekyll/Hyde has created a potion to turn septuagenarian Queen Victoria into a young woman again.
For starters, there are large egos involved, not to mention some backstory: Quatermain distrusts the "pirate" Nemo; Mina Harker and Dorian Gray had an affair some years back; Skinner and Jekyll/Hyde are outcasts of dubious standing;, and all have questionable loyalty to, or enthusiasm for, the Crown.
Jekyll/Hyde reminds one of the Bruce Banner/Hulk dynamic, and Harker, at film's end, appears dressed very much like The Matrix's Trinity.
And the role of Jekyll/Hyde, which soars into the upper reaches of the baritone (Jekyll) and then growls deep in the throat (Hyde), has turned out to be so harmful to most actors' voices that it is commonly has come to be divided by two actors.
And is his Jekyll/Hyde life as "art historian, teacher, discreet and hard-working agent" by day, followed by the mad excitement of searching for male pickups in public urinals by night, the inevitably proper mode for a doubter who yearns for transcendence "even for the space of a quarter of an hour"?
Following one of the driest Decembers on record, the winter of 1999/2000 has made a Jekyll/Hyde transition in a matter of weeks, launching Lake Tahoe ski resort snow packs to among the nation's deepest.
163; acceptance of such a crypto-Manichean theological construct has obvious implications for those explanations of the Jekyll/Hyde phenomenon that, absent close scrutiny of the text, are inclined to promote or advance a dualistic interpretive paradigm.
It was only after they were married that Joyce discovered that some time in his past he'd suffered a head injury that left him with a Jekyll/Hyde personality.