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JELIJewish Education Leadership Institute (Chicago, IL)
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1) Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK), Campus Jeli, 17600 Kelantan, Malaysia
Yn anffodus mae'r lympiau jeli yma yn ymddangos ar ffensys pren, cytiau pren a hefyd y pren sy'n cael ei ddefnyddio mewn rheilffyrdd, ac mae hynny'n medru bod yn dipyn o gur pen.
2001) Perpetuating the Politics of Praise: jeli singers, radios, and political mediation in Mali.
All we want is to give them a decent burial," said Estella Jeli, 36.
Students employed such varying scripts as Kufic, Diwani, Jeli Diwani, Persian (Nasta'ly1/2q) and Thuluth in a range of colours.
The study was conducted in 10 health facilities, namely Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM), Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab 2 (HRPZ II), Hospital Pasir Puteh, Hospital Machang, Hospital Tumpat, Hospital Pasir Mas, Hospital Tanah Merah, Hospital Jeli, Hospital Kuala Krai and Hospital Gua Musang.
Born in 1933 or 1937-accounts vary, but the liner notes to this double CD collection quote the former date - Kouyate was the scion of a well-known family of musicians and storytellers that trace their heritage back to Balia Fasseke Kouyate, the first great jeli (artist) of the Manding kingdom.
Mr Whyte said support from Mirror readers last year had boosted the successful mission to rescue Shirley the smoking orangutan and Paloh and Jeli the elephants from Johor zoo in Malaysia.
Turkish ground forces are attempting to cross the Iraqi border at Jeli, in the Hakkari region" of southeast Turkey, Dozdar Hammo, a spokesman for the PKK, told AFP.