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Family and friends of British skeleton athlete Jerry Rice visited Seoul as part of a tour culminating in a visit to PyeongChang yesterday.
We are excited to have Jerry Rice, NFL superstar with a broad appeal, to be the face of a mass market problem,” says Ankesh Kumar, CEO.
IMF Director Communications Jerry Rice in a briefing in Washington said that we are supportive of the State Bank recent monetary policy decisions.
Summary: The 14-year veteran Randy Moss spiced up media week when he declared himself the "best receiver of all time," which was promptly disputed by the holder of the position, 49ers great Jerry Rice.
The controversial 35-year-old rates himself even higher than 49ers legend Jerry Rice, who won three NFL titles and is the only player to have more career touchdown and catches.
Jerry Rice and Nitus Dog Football" is the video game endorsed by NFL Hall of Fame receiver Jerry Rice and is guaranteed to provide dozens of hours of fun for sports fans and canine lovers alike.
UCLA added name recognition to its 2009 recruiting class when Jerry Rice Jr.
The following will serve on the board of directors for three year terms: Jerry Dutka, Ellen Hamilton, Mark Kilduff, Roland Marquis, Bill McConnell, and Jerry Rice.
MILD-MANNERED American Football legend Jerry Rice hit the roof when one of the NFL's longest records shuddered to a halt.
Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis Patricia Buffler, Jerry Rice, Robert Baan, Michael Bird, Paolo Boffeta, eds.
Terrell Davis rose even higher in the National Football League's elite while Jerry Rice and Jason Elam rewrote the record books.
The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness regarding the benefits of chiropractic care, is pleased to announce that Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerry Rice has recommitted to act as its spokesperson for an additional three years -- advocating chiropractic care nationwide.