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GBJJersey (International Auto Identification)
GBJGrain Boundary Junction
GBJGlory Bound Jersey (sports clothing)
GBJG. Burke Johnston Student Center (Virginia)
GBJGaine Brise Jet (French: Breeze Jacket Jet; hydraulic hose)
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The relative situation of New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey would afford an example of this kind.
He turned away and hurried across Union Square, repeating to himself, in a sort of inward chant: "It's all of two hours from Jersey City to old Catherine's.
He was dressed in a blue jersey and high rubber boots.
This is a very common course of things, even in the present state of the Union; but it was peculiarly the fortunes of the two extremes of society, in the peaceful and unenterprising colonies of Pennsylvania and New Jersey,
Wilson Price Hunt, of Trenton, New Jersey, one of the partners of the company, who was ultimately to be at the head of the establishment at the mouth of the Columbia.
A great sea chest stood open in the center, and allround upon the carpet were little piles of jerseys, oil-skins, books, sextant boxes, instruments, and sea-boots.
I had heard it uttered between two thick, red-necked fellows of the semi-nautical type at the Fenchurch Street Railway-station, where, in those days, the everyday male crowd was attired in jerseys and pilot-cloth mostly, and had the air of being more conversant with the times of high- water than with the times of the trains.
The only problem is the jersey itself is now missing from evidence storage.
In Northern New Jersey, overall office vacancy rates declined 2.
It's not worth it, and the first ripped jersey or torn short will tell you why.
10 of the New Jersey Administrative Code, relating to the Corporation Business Tax -- Doing Business in New Jersey.
The New Jersey case began in November 1990, when a national debate raged over America's impending war with Iraq.