JFCOMJoint Forces Command (formerly ACOM change effective 1 Oct 99)
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JFCOM became the DoD Executive Agent forming a Joint Program Office to lead DoD concept development and experimentation.
The CAPOSSO project is one of the first experiments the Joint Staff J7 has conducted since the disestablishment of JFCOM and Frisby said the staff is energized about its success and the interest it has generated in the other combatant commands.
JFCOM leverages features of the MX Series, EX Series and ISG Series to deliver, segregate and secure multiple multicast events for their customers.
JFCOM, as the DOD Joint Force Provider, required a method to manage and track validated combatant commander force allocation requests, sourcing recommendations, and Secretary of Defense force allocation decisions that could adequately support its mission.
In addition to the MITRE team mentioned above, the following agencies have made significant positive contributions to the advancement of the TTN initiative: Joint Staff J3-CSOD, DISA PEO-C2C, CENTCOM AJ3, TRANSCOM J5/4, and JFCOM J9 JDPO.
During the first 2 years, fiscal years 2004 and 2005, JFCOM used LAA for six projects.
Interagency Operational Planning and Coordination" and subsequent JFCOM documents, and the PACOM-authored article in JFQ issue 32, Autumn 2002, "The Global War on Terrorism: A Regional Approach to Coordination.
In the past year, we have reduced customer wait times for surface deliveries to SOUTHCOM from 47 to 35 days; to PACOM, from 48 to 36 days; to JFCOM, from 55 to 45 days; and to EUCOM, from 50 to 45 days.
Joint Forces Command (JFCOM), critical JFCOM organizations and functions will be realigned to other DOD components to ensure that the expertise within these organizations is maintained for the joint war-fighter.
However, they do not necessarily require a separate four star combatant command which, in the case of JFCOM entails about 2,800 military and civilian positions and roughly 3,000 contractors of all kinds at an annual cost of at least $240 million to operate.
Aside from the overlaps, several of the initiatives involve only relatively small amounts, including changes in OSD, the elimination of ASD NII, BTA, and JFCOM, the reduction in reports, and the reduction in boards and commissions.
The force sourcing effort is led by JFCOM personnel from the JDC, but involves other JFCOM directorates, JFCOM service components from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, and each of the services at the leadership level.