JICPACJoint Intelligence Center, Pacific
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Despite the JICPAC focus, it took several weeks rather than hours or days to attain a reliable picture of the situation on the ground.
With the help of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and its imagery and geospatial analysts embedded within JICPAC, PACOM supported operational forces, allies, and affected nations.
JICPAC Operational Intelligence Cells established constant, collaborative information sharing with the CSF, which benefited all participating agencies and nations.
AFMIC established round-the-clock communications between its operations center and JICPAC contingencies cells to rapidly provide medical intelligence regarding the spread of infectious disease and vector-borne illnesses.
The embedded NGA team, operating at JICPAC and within PACOM headquarters, was vital in coordinating engagement and delivering commercial imagery and geospatial products daily throughout the operation.
Foremost among the new concepts was the establishment of the Contingencies Support Operational Intelligence Cell within JICPAC. This all-source operational intelligence cell was formed into a holistic structure to integrate analysis, collection, information management, intelligence campaign planning, targeting development, intelligence operations, and production.
This cell permitted end-to-end synchronization of theater intelligence reconnaissance operations and was fully integrated with the command's Joint Operations Center, the JICPAC Contingencies Support Cell, and the combined support force commander's intelligence staff.