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JINAJoint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics (various schools)
JINAJournées Internationales de Nice sur les Antennes (IEEE AP-S)
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Most important, the Kandal Vajrasatva also displays the five Jina Buddhas of the Vajradhatu pentad in his coiffure/headdress, two in front and one on each of the other three sides--also a distinctive Pala iconographic detail found at Sarnath.
His tweets caused significant losses for the firms' investors JINA CHOI FROM THE SEC IN SAN FRANCISCO
Plunging a pin into the Art Tour map, it fell upon Jina Gelder who, at 25, is participating in her first Art Tour.
Gods, humans, and animals come to hear the sermon, which the Jina broadcasts in all directions in language intelligible to all beings.
On Thursday, the militants overrun and destroyed three checkposts at Hassan Khal and Jina Kor areas, killing two and kidnapping 23 militia personnel.
If people are feeling the pinch this year, particularly in the run up to Christmas, then they may be inclined to rein in their weekend activities," Jina Kwon, regional director of Groupon UK, said.
While the scoring rate slowed somewhat through the rest of the match, the Blues were never in any sort of danger and with goal attack Jina Flanagan once again in scintillating form there was only ever going to be one winner; the Blues on a scoreline of 43-7.
In pride of place here is the 114cm-high sandstone Jina Parsvanatha, dated to the 12th century and from either Rajasthan or Madya Pradesh (Fig 1).
Ahmad (chemical technology and manufacturing, Jina Pharmaceuticals, Libertyville, Illinois), who has made significant contributions to the development and production of new lipid products, introduces recent trends in nanomedicine, edible nanocoatings, nanopackaging, and other applications in these fields, and safety issues and other challenges in producing novel lipids that function in health-promoting drug delivery and other roles.
Casting agent Jina Jay has nothing but praise for the trio, emphasizing above all their uniqueness.
Jina Adams, RN, MSN honored by Becky Greene, RN, MSN
As a result, millions could be exposed to side effects from the medicines without proven health benefits, said Jina Pagura, a psychologist and currently a medical student at the University of Manitoba in Canada, and colleagues who worked on the study.