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JITAJust in Time Activation
JITAJapan Industrial Technology Association (est. 1969)
JITAJesus Is The Answer
JITAJapan Investment Trusts Association (est. 1957)
JITAJournal of Information Technology and Applications (Taiwan)
JITAJapan Information Technology Innovation Association
JITAJust-in-Time Accounting
JITAInformation science classification schema developed by (J)ose Manuel Barrueco Cruz, (I)mma Subirats Coll, (T)homas Krichel and (A)ntonella De Robbio
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Allan, Tuzyline Jita (1995), "The Middle Ground: Determinism in a Changing World," Womanist and Feminist Aesthetics: A Comparative Review.
En tres de los jitter no se observan diferencias Jita, RAP y DDP, al igual que APQ11.
While for others, such as Tuzyline Jita Allan, "this metaphor is intended as a visual illustration of the ideological gap between womanism and feminism," (Allan, 2000: 136) the metaphor itself is yet another indication of the overlapping of the two terms with each other.
Jita Patel was keeping warm near to the giant bonfire with his four-year-old daughter Mia.
In their study of the influence of leadership on reforming inquiry-based science education in 13 Chicago elementary schools, Spillane, Diamond, Walker, Halverson, & Jita (2001) indicated that the leadership team consisted of the principal, the science coordinator, and the assistant to the coordinator.
jita 'show' is the only verb employing the postposition ra 'with' without following the "Theme-Instrument strategy"--it is the Theme that turns up as the object, the animate Goal as the adjunct, quite differently from the "Theme-Instrument" verbs introduced in Section 4.
haya haya rama rama gathe maluma nepala saturi durajananan phutakalayo ava// // jhinte dola raje samadatayo jita vasa.
The seeds for this feminist project were sown in 1990, when Tuzyline Jita Allan approached Florence Howe, whose Feminist Press was about to publish Women Writing India: 600 BC to the Present, with the idea.
Cart owner Kit Tangtrong- jita, a native of Thailand, invented the sandwich after eating and cooking his way through the culinary melting pots of Hawaii and San Francisco.
20m per year, were received by Ahlsell Oy, LVI-Dahl Oy, Onninen Oy, Haapakosken Tehdas Oy, IPS Putki Oy, Jita Oy, Multipipe Service Oy, Optipipe Oy, Oy KWH Pipe AB, Oy Lining Ab, Pipelife Finland Oy, Propipe Oy, Saint-Gobain Pipe Systems Oy, Suomen Putkisto Tarvike Oy and Uponor Suomi Oy.
JITA has been given a boost in the past five years by the improved integration and sophistication of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.