JLPTJapanese Language Proficiency Test
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Candidates are expected to acquire Japanese language proficiency equivalent to JLPT N5 level upon completion of the Preparatory Japanese Language Training in the Philippines.
The growing popularity of the new and avant-garde MISJ method amongst non-Japanese learners is cutting into the well-entrenched and traditional Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).
The JLPT established in 1984 by the Japan Foundation to evaluate the linguistic competence of non-Japanese learners is held annually in December.
Nearly four decades have gone by since linguistic testing methods like the JLPT were developed, and global realities have changed.
Alex aimed to pass the JLPT Level N2 and to train all four language skills.
Apart from his main focus of studying for JLPT Level 2, Alex summarised the articles he read, studied the new words and grammar in the articles and had discussions with his language buddy.
Nihongo Den This is a Youtube channel that has simply combined the Japanese Language Proficiency Test listening comprehension audio samples with the written exam, creating videos that are very useful for studying for any JLPT level.
Furthermore, an intern can be qualified for the 2nd year of the training if he/she completes either passing N3 Level of the JLPT; scoring 400 or more in the A-D test of the J.
The JLPT serves as an important reference for determining the language ability of foreigners seeking to work, live, or study in Japan.
The newly released courses are designed for JLPT preparation at the N1 and N2 levels focusing on improving Japanese writing ability.
Tokyo, Japan, December 10, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Shubiki Corporation, Japan's leading business content provider, has released a new series of Japanese language learning for JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) preparation for smartphones, tablets and PCs in 6 languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
The JLPT is often used as a reference for this purpose.