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JMOLJudgment as a Matter of Law
JMOLJava Molecule (science software)
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In an appeal from a final judgment on his claim for damages under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA), appellant argued that the District Court erred by granting respondent's motion for judgment as a matter of law (JMOL) on the jury's award for loss of earning capacity.
The circuit court rejected Allstate's contention that it was entitled to JMOL on the bad faith claim notwithstanding its rejection of Madrigal's policy limits demand.
Chimera (http://www.cgl [39] and Jmol (http://jmol.sourceforge .net/) software were used to view and analyze 3D structure.
where R is the gas constant (8.314(J/mol x K)) 8.314 Jmol x K, T is the temperature [K], and K is the equilibrium constant.
Best 3 scored pockets were computationally analyzed for each protein target using Jmol Java plugin implemented in Q-SiteFinder and the amino acids embedded in the predicted cavity volume were utilized as active site residues.
The results are presented in real-time visualization software, Jmol, where the user can visually check the results before downloading or using the refinement tools.
The java applet-based program Jmol [18] has been extensively used in many websites for interactive displays of structure of biomolecules and chemicals.
Cn3D from the National Center for Biotechnology Information ( and Jmol (
The district court granted State Farm's motion for judgment as a matter of law (JMOL), ruling essentially that the evidence showed that State Farm's denial of Bannister's claim was based on a reasonable dispute regarding whether Bannister was majority at fault, and that no evidence suggested that further investigation would have undermined the reasonableness of that dispute.
But the trial judge overruled the jury and granted judgment as a matter of law (JMOL) to Baxter.
matter of law (JMOL) upholding the validity of the '408 patent.
According to the Japanese Ministry of Labor's 1998 White Paper, the government proposed the "one-and-a-half model of earning in the family," entailing male breadwinners under the protection of the lifetime employment system and female secondary income earners on definite employment contracts (JMOL 1998).