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Designing business school courses to promote student motivation: An application of the job characteristics model.
During the past decade, the job characteristics model of work motivation (JCM; Hackman & Oldham 1976; 1980) has been a dominant theoretical framework for understanding an employee's reactions to the core dimensions of the job (Fried & Ferris, 1987; Kulik, Oldham, & Hackman, 1987).
The strong theoretical basis for the proposed framework, coupled with support for many of the expected relationships, suggests that the job characteristics model may be extended to affective commitment to further our understanding of this important construct.
The first alternative specification is based on the job characteristics model (JCM), which emphasizes the effects of objective motivational job characteristics on employee affective outcomes such as job satisfaction.
However, it is unclear if these effects are direct or are mediated by employee perceptions as the Job Characteristics Model (Hackman & Oldham, 1980) suggests.
The validity of the job characteristics model A review and meta-analysis.
A review of research on the Job Characteristics Model and the attendant job diagnostic survey.
Consequently, Hackman and Oldham's Job Characteristics model is a process theory of motivation.
Hackman and Oldham's job characteristics model (JCM) assesses employees' accomplished purposefulness of work, competent liability for work outcomes, and details concerning the results of work undertakings.