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Job design is the method that organizes a job in order to develop individual performance and outcomes (Parker, Wall, & Cordery, 2001).
Various studies of job design have identified a group of factors and characteristics which go to make up a "good" job (Dunphy, 1981, 154-155).
The theory of planning jobs, also known as job design, proposes--when structuring job positions--taking into account the dimensions that are important to the motivation of their occupiers.
The article is the first to link job design to innovative behavior using the recent insights on the double nature of job demands, namely as job challenges and job hindrances (Podsakoff, LePine, & LePine, 2007; Van den Broeck et al., 2010).
The enriched job design approach to management also had a positive relationship with labour productivity, financial performance and quality but this was positively related to job satisfaction, though not workplace anxiety.
Key words: task characteristics, job characteristics model, line positions, staff positions, job design
Employee engagement, for example, is defined by job design (work organized to tap employee skills); commitment (employees have secure jobs, and receive recognition and advancement); time (employees have enough time to do jobs well); contribution (organization has ties to the community); and systems (companies continually evaluate engagement).
Internal mobility (in the form of promotion, demotion, transfer, etc.) and several factors affecting job design, recruitment process, and the selection process have been explained.
The objective of this paper is to offer a new model of the process of job design, stressing the circular and dynamic properties of the process, along with the social nature of some of the influences in it.
In addition to this application to current platforms, the job design process has been successfully implemented in the design of new ships, such as the Littoral Combat Ship: The designers began by determining the tasks for each position;
"The job design might be driving far more burnout than their business can withstand," Leopold said.
The Standards highlight the components of good organisation, job design and management that keep stress levels in check and enhance productivity.