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3 billion yuan to create jobs for college graduates, such as expanding the government's job-training program.
Nor in the way the ruling regime in Algeria has, holding 150 billion dollars as monetary reserves at a time when is unable to resolve the country's chronic housing problem, not to mention its failure to prepare students for the job market and its inability to create new jobs for college graduates whose numbers are increasing every year.
5 billion investment to support American companies and detailed a commitment to significantly increase jobs for college graduates this year, as part of the Invest in America Alliance.
Entry-level professional and corporate jobs for college graduates typically exclude those who don't have valid social security numbers, which is the case for unauthorized immigrants.
Danish unemployment for college graduates under 30 years of age has reportedly doubled since 2001, with no jobs for college graduates entering a saturated job market.
America's Top Jobs for College Graduates, Fifth Edition, is a reference for college students seeking career information.
Jobs for college graduates are expected to grow nearly 28 percent, more than twice as fast as noncollege-level jobs.
Hecker, "Reconciling conflicting data on jobs for college graduates," Monthly Labor Review, July 1992, pp.
Engineer, registered nurse, lawyer, teacher, physician, and social worker were among the professional specialty occupations that supplied the most jobs for college graduates.
Job growth will remain the most important source of new jobs for college graduates.
17 Shelley, "The future of jobs for college graduates.