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The Jobs for Youth in Africa initiative aims to create 25 million jobs and benefit 50 million youth over the next 10 years by equipping them with the right skills to get decent and meaningful jobs.
Arabtec looks to create thousands of jobs for youth in GCC, MENA regions | Arabtec signs $6.
Especially innovative is the 50 million loan, signed in Milan on 3 February, aimed at fostering youth employment in small and medium-sized businesses under the Jobs for Youth programme recently launched by the EIB at the request of the European Union to tackle the growing problem of unemployment - especially youth unemployment.
The young politician also unveiled his Jobs For Youth Plan.
Funds will be used to create 70 part-time jobs for youth in after-school programs or social service agencies.
This is one reason why they come to Jobs for Youth, housed in an office building downtown.
Jobless, under- and over-employment, conflicts between work and family, workplace inequalities, retirement with dignity, jobs for youth -- in the 1990s, public opinion surveys have revealed pervasive anxiety about theses issues in Canada.
Connelly, executive director of Jobs for Youth of Chicago, griped that the government required 37 pages of paperwork just to enroll a young person in programs funded by the Jobs Training Partnership Act - 29 pages more than is required for the same person to apply for a university education.
Jobs for Youth, a Chicago program that places about a thousand poor black teenagers in summer jobs each year has found a way to make sure its efforts reach the people who can benefit: applicants have to be willing to come to the business district to sign up.
Thakkar is also the Chair of the African Development Bank (AfDB)'s Presidential Youth Advisory Group (PYAG), a think tank inaugurated by AfDB President Akinwumi Adesina on November 27, 2017 to provide innovative solutions for Bank's plan of creating 25 million jobs for African youth under its Jobs for Youth in Africa Strategy (JfYA).
Partners of the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth met in Geneva to launch its digital engagement platform , an open space for joint action and collaboration to intensify effective investments in youth employment.
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