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JODAJohn Day Fossil Beds National Monument (US National Park Service)
JODAJapanese Overseas Disaster Assistance (Japan)
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Joda, who put on a splendid performance to win his second race at the Olympic Day after finishing first in the previous race organized by the Northern Governorate on Saturday, was followed by runner up Sami Mohammed and third-placer Yousef Sulaibeikh.
Pointing to the one-week incubation period of the viral infection, Joda further said that none of his family members has contracted the disease.
Joseph Wilson, director of Joda Developments, said: "We want to make the area a bit more vibrant.
This is the first aircraft maintenance that Hamilton has done with JODA and we expect a long and prosperous relationship to result from this work.
He said that the committee also called for forming delegations to visit border areas like Halaib, Fashaqa, Joda, Huffrat Al-Nihas.
Director of the Epidemiology Department in East Darfur state Mohamed Joda told Sudan Tribune that the state didn't witness new cases of hemorrhagic fever disease but admitted that it killed one person who died in a hospital in the capital Khartoum where he had been transported for treatment since more than a week ago.
He also said that in Joda South in the area, some elements from South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS) who were manning the main check point executed two Arab civilians who a day earlier had crossed over from Joda North on Sudan's side of the border.
The delegation is expected to pay a visit to Al-Alagaya area which hosts about 8,000 of refugees from South Sudan, besides visiting Joda crossing through which the refugees had arrived from South Sudan State.
The decree included appointment of Bothiena Joda as the Secretary of the humanitarian Affairs and Services, Dr.