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JODIJournal of Digital Information
JODIJoint Oil Data Initiative (formerly Joint Oil Data Exercise; est. 2003)
JODIJoint Operational Data Interchange
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Also diagnosed with ME, Jodi Ann could no longer work and was con-fined to her bedroom for much of the day.
Worried Jodi told the Irish Sunday Mirror how she battled the debilitating condition after her beloved son Koa was born almost three year ago.
Before bursting into song Jodi described her chance to shine to the assembled crowds as "the most important night of my life.
The four-year-old was savaged in their council flat by an Aylestone bulldog called Mulan that Jodi bought from a rescue centre just days earlier.
Kian was with mega-selling boy band Westlife, while Jodi, just 15, was a member of girl group Girl Thing - Simon Cowell's unsuccessful rival to The Spice Girls.
Surprisingly, Jodi still isn't done and admits to even wanting to go to medical school.
Fresh Women" tackles themes such as friendship, sexuality, competition, lust, and love in the fast-paced, humorous tone that Jodi Lipper is well known for.
Washington-born Jodi is daughter to ElringKlinger health and safety environmental quality officer Tony Bunker, and has been swimming since the age of seven.
Full-hipped, thick-waisted, Jodi stood about five feet tall, with porcelain-white teeth, a delicate nose, slim hands, and small tapered feet.
Brave Jodi, 12, of Spynie, near Elgin, Moray, won the world title in her age group in 2008 and 2009 and is hot favourite to win another gold this year, when the World Championships come to Scotland.
Jodi Arias continues to maintain her innocence even though she was with Travis the night he died, and captured some of his last moments on her digital camera.