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* IT'S ALL OVER: General Jodl (centre) signs the German surrender at Reims in 1945.
(82) Field Marshal Keitel and Colonel-General Jodl were each indicted on all four counts.
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In fact, when briefed on the armada's size by General Albert Jodl, chief of the armed forces operations staff, Hitler declared, "If these reports are true, this is the greatest fleet in the history of the world." (44) Signals after 8 November revealed the beginnings of a massive Tunisian reinforcement, with Luftwaffe decrypts ordering transfers of fighters and dive-bombers from all fronts, including Russia.
This set in chain a frantic series of negotiations involving Eisenhower's Supreme HQ and General Jodl, the German High Command chief.
At 2.45am the day before, General Jodl, the representative of the German High Command, had put his mark to the important document, declaring: "With this signature the German people are, for better or for worse, delivered into the victor's hands.
(51,52) Research by Risch, Jodl and Eccles (53) has indicated that whereas males who feel close to their biological fathers and stepfathers are more likely than others to report negative attitudes toward divorce, closeness does not matter for females.
Thus, lawyers for Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel and Colonel General Alfred Jodl argued that the defendants were following orders and thus not only should have mitigated punishment but also should have no criminal liability.
On February 23, 1940 a meeting of German High Command, with Hitler, Grand Admiral Erich Raeder, the Commander of German Naval Forces, General Wilhelm Keitel, the Chief of staff of OKW (20), and General Alfred Jodl, the Chief of OKW's Operation Section participating, took place.
He is especially scathing about officers such as Field Marshall Keitel who were toadies of the Fuhrer although he is mildly kinder to Jodl than many other writers.