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JBSJohn Birch Society
JBSJudge Business School (University of Cambridge; UK)
JBSJapan Bible Society (est. 1937)
JBSJoint British Societies (UK)
JBSJournal of Biosocial Science
JBSJohn Burroughs School
JBSJewish Burial Society
JBSJournal of British Studies
JBSJamaica Bureau of Standards
JBSJunction Barrier Schottky (electronics engineering)
JBSJapanese Biochemical Society
JBSJohnson Behavioral System
JBSJournal of Biological Systems
JBSJohanson-Blizzard Syndrome
JBSJohnson Bassin & Shaw (Olympia, WA)
JBSJapan Bangladesh Society (est. 1996)
JBSJournal of Business Strategies
JBSJournal of Biomolecular Screening
JBSJapan Business Systems
JBSJournal of Biblical Studies
JBSJoint Base Station
JBSJoint Broadcast System
JBSJones Business Systems
JBSJacobsen Syndrome
JBSJoint Broadcast Service (NRO Operational Support Office)
JBSJane Brooks School (Oklahoma, USA)
JBSJournal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics
JBSJunction Barrier-Controlled Schottky (thyristor)
JBSJournal of Burma Studies
JBSJob Binding Services
JBSJohn Bentley School (UK)
JBSJanashakti Bank Societies
JBSJournal of Borderland Studies (Association for Borderlands Studies)
JBSJames Bay Sleeping Bag
JBSJob Breakdown Structure
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And the most effective way for you and others to become involved is through The John Birch Society.
The John Birch Society lost credence with most Americans when it published an attack on President Dwight Eisenhower.
The John Birch Society--which is enjoying a renaissance of sorts today--says of itself, "From its earliest days the John Birch Society has emphasized the importance of the Constitution for securing our freedom.
Before the disparaging of the Tea Party and Trump, The John Birch Society suffered similarly dishonest and relentless attacks by the establishment media in the 1960s--before the Internet made it much easier for Americans to find the truth for themselves.
The John Birch Society has abandoned its old conspiracy theory, which held that the liberal establishment is riddled with Soviet agents.
He followed his wildly successful promotion of the Sugar Daddy with his wildly successful promotion of the John Birch Society.
From a civil-liberties standpoint, these tactics are a little too reminiscent of organizations like the John Birch Society, which kept extensive records on "communists and communist sympathizers.
The Patriot movement is bracketed on the "moderate" side by the John Birch Society and some of Pat Robertson's followers, and on the more militant side by Liberty Lobby and avowedly white-supremacist and anti-Semitic groups, such as neo-Nazi groups.
A millionaire and fan of the John Birch Society, the senior Quayle recently had a letter printed in a monthly periodical called The National Educator "Thank you so much for the one-year subscription.
Buckley used National Review to "purge" the conservative movement of the allegedly bad John Birch Society, which publishes this magazine.
The new groups ranged from local chapters of the John Birch Society to homegrown organizations such as the California Committee to Combat Communism, the Orange County School of Anti-Communism, and the California Free Enterprise Association.