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But when he got going on the Communist conspiracy and the John Birch Society's efforts to "save America," there was no reasoning with him.
The Liberty Leaguers, as Rudolph wrote, spoke of it with "worshipful intensity." The John Birch Society--which is enjoying a renaissance of sorts today--says of itself, "From its earliest days the John Birch Society has emphasized the importance of the Constitution for securing our freedom." And as Stephanie Mencimer reported in our May/June issue ("One Nation Under Beck"), study groups dedicated to the Constitution have mushroomed among tea partiers.
As for The John Birch Society, apparently the simple fact that the society was an exhibitor at the event was worthy of inclusion in SPLC's list, which noted, "Another exhibitor was the John Birch Society, the conspiratorial extremist group, which also had a table in the red-and-blue exhibit room loaded with material opposing the Republican push for a constitutional convention and literature warning about antifa and the deep state."
More than anyone, Buckley had discredited the John Birch Society. In the pages of National Review, Buckley denounced Welch for "distorting reality." And in conservative circles, he demanded that the movement marginalize the Birchers.
The Patriot movement is bracketed on the "moderate" side by the John Birch Society and some of Pat Robertson's followers, and on the more militant side by Liberty Lobby and avowedly white-supremacist and anti-Semitic groups, such as neo-Nazi groups.
A millionaire and fan of the John Birch Society, the senior Quayle recently had a letter printed in a monthly periodical called The National Educator "Thank you so much for the one-year subscription.
"The John Birch Society has been fighting on the front lines for many years, while most Americans don't even realize that there's a war going on and we're under attack.
The new groups ranged from local chapters of the John Birch Society to homegrown organizations such as the California Committee to Combat Communism, the Orange County School of Anti-Communism, and the California Free Enterprise Association.
For his iconoclasm, Goldwater became in those years (roughly 1957-1964) a godlike hero to the right, which was growing exponentially, at a time when few Americans knew it existed beyond the John Birch Society and, say, Clarence Manion's radio talks.
(The John Birch Society emerged as the voice of restraint, telling its members not to participate.) Meanwhile, Thompson took to the airwaves - FM, AM, and shortwave - to promote the "next American war."
Popular right-wing groups like the John Birch Society emerged only in the late 1950s, well after political elites had turned the pursuit of "communist subversion" into a national religion.
His father was a former Dean here before I was President thirty-five years ago and it was he you heard speaking about the John Birch Society and not Dan.