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But despite his gripes, Baker - who quit after falling out with producer John Nathan-Turner - confessed he loved playing the Doctor.
A crucial consideration within this is the impact and legacy of the late John Nathan-Turner, producer of Doctor Who from 1980 to 1989.
In 1987, he was cast by Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner as the seventh Doctor, succeeding Colin Baker.
None messier, perhaps than the allegation that John Nathan-Turner who was producer during the 1980s abused his position by preying on the show's teenage male fans.
Doctor Who: Earthshock (1982) Produced by John Nathan-Turner.
Doctor Who: The Five Doctors (1983) Produced by John Nathan-Turner.
John Nathan-Turner and his partner Gary Downie were treated like "rock stars" by impressionable fans and shamelessly took advantage.
John Nathan-Turner, who produced the series from 1980 to 1989, and his partner Gary Downie, who was a production manager, are accused of targeting young men visiting the studio.
In addition to audiovisual material in the Archive, BFI Special Collections also has scripts and correspondence from notable television figures including Troy Kennedy Martin, John Nathan-Turner, Trevor Griffiths and Irene Shubik and production papers including those of Southern Television.
Dave Rolinson considers the 1980s, a difficult time for the series, exploring the agency of producer John Nathan-Turner and his relations with script editors, writers and directors.
Former Blue Peter boss Richard Marson has alleged one-time producer John Nathan-Turner and his partner Gary Downie sexually abused starry-eyed young male fans visiting the studio during the 80s.
The late John Nathan-Turner wanted the Prince, then 24, to star in a three-part adventure to mark the series' 25th anniversary in 1988.