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JHAHJoining Hands Against Hunger (Lesotho; church-based anti-poverty group; est. 2002)
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Bessiso-Naji spoke to audiences in the US and Europe through Peace x Peace, Joining Hands Against Hunger (a Presbyterian Church initiative) and the Faculty for Israeli - Palestinian Peace.She holds diplomas from Al Azhar University and Kann'an Educational Development Institute in Gaza and is working on a B.A.
Activists from the two communities had been brought together through a church-based network called Joining Hands Against Hunger.
For residents of La Oroya, a trip to Herculaneum, sponsored by the Joining Hands Against Hunger Network, was an eye opener.
Joining Hands Against Hunger is just one example of the forms that the solidarity movement has taken since the 1970s and '80s, when faith-based groups in the United States joined forces with churches and base communities in countries from Guatemala to Chile, providing sanctuary to refugees and pressuring the United States to end support for repressive regimes.