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These developments are positive as this region needs a joint anti-terrorism mechanism in order to fight the hydra of terrorism.
At a time when terrorism is a major threat to both countries, India has used the unfortunate Mumbai attack not only to freeze the peace process but also to halt the two mechanisms putting place for counter terrorism discussion and cooperation namely the meetings of the Interior Secretaries and the Joint Anti-Terrorism Mechanism.
We offered to India joint investigation, [and] also suggested to them to convene and activate the joint anti-terrorism mechanism.
If India is serious about this then they should respond to our suggestions, and proposal that the Joint Anti-terrorism Mechanism should be activated, should be revitalized so that our two countries can jointly work again terrorism and extremism," it added.
The resumption of Composite Dialogue and re-activation of Joint Anti-Terrorism mechanism offer avenues of pragmatic cooperation including counter-terrorism.
Pakistan and India joint anti-terrorism mechanism exists and provides a viable avenue to address mutual concerns, he said.
However, after meeting on the sidelines of a Nonaligned Movement summit in Cuba, President Musharraf and Indian Prime Minister Singh announced a resumption of formal peace negotiations and also approved implementation of a joint anti-terrorism mechanism.
He said resumption of the Composite Dialogue and re-activation of the Joint Anti-Terrorism mechanism offer avenues of pragmatic cooperation, inter alia, including on counter terrorism.
To another question he said joint anti-terrorism mechanism established with India is standstill due to discontinuation of dialogue process and Pakistan hopes an early resumption of talks that would also help moving forward this mechanism.
No progress was made on outstanding territorial disputes, and India is not known to have presented evidence of Pakistani involvement in the 7/11 Bombay terrorist bombings, but the two officials did give shape to the proposed joint anti-terrorism mechanism and they agreed to continue the dialogue process in early 2007.
This reinforces what we have been underscoring all along that terrorism is our common enemy and we need to have cooperative engagement within the framework of Joint Anti-Terrorism Mechanism, established in September 2006," Basit added.
He said, Pakistan and India Joint Anti-Terrorism Mechanism exists and provides a viable avenue to address mutual concerns.
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