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JAAJoint Aviation Authorities (European equivalent of FAA)
JAAJournal of Algebra and Its Applications (World Scientific)
JAAJapanese Association of Anatomists
JAAJapan Aikido Association (martial arts)
JAAJapan Association of Arbitrators (law)
JAAJapan Asia Airways, Co., Ltd. (est. 1975)
JAAJapanese Archaeological Association (est. 1948)
JAAJoint Admissions Agreement (education)
JAAJudge Advocates Association
JAAJapan Advertisers Association
JAAJapan Allergy Foundation
JAAJunior All-American (football)
JAAJapan Artists Association
JAAJapan Arab Association
JAAJunior Achievement of Armenia
JAAJust Another Acronym
JAAJoint Action Area
JAAJoint Aerospace Applications (C2 mission applications)
JAAJapan Adaptive Rowing Association
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The system provides business process functionality for planning the technical, operational and commercial aspects, whilst observing regulatory compliance (Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) etc.) required by airlines and MRO facilities.
Jeppesen, a unit of Boeing Flight Services, has joined hands with Dubai-based Emirates Aviation College, the academic wing of Emirates, to launch the first joint aviation authorities (JAA)-licensed pilot training program in the UAE.
It was the first facility of its kind in the Middle East to be approved to Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and U.A.E.
Because the Joint Aviation Authorities stipulated that mean cabin pressure match an altitude of 8,000 feet, "this means they want us to all have an oxygen saturation of about 90%."
First group of THY staff, a group of 39 pilots, have already started a 13-month training program which includes licensing of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA).
Indian carrier Kingfisher Airlines announced today that it has acquired the ability to offer a Joint Aviation Authorities Airline Transport Pilot License (JAA ATPL) Pilot Ground Training course.
Participants discussed ways to maintain global leadership in the high-profile aerospace market, the opportunities available, and impediments from the FAA and Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA).
The JSSG team also added qualification guidance based on the latest Federal Aviation Administration regulations and advisory circulars and Joint Aviation Authorities Joint Aviation Regulations, including international requirements for UAVs and for military qualification of commercial applications.
The Joint Aviation Authorities' edict says the sleep must not be more than 45 minutes long.
It has now become a specialist in overhaul and repair (O & R), and accepted by the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) as an approved source of maintenance for JAA Member Authority controlled aircraft components.
The rules are based on Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR) drawn up by the Joint Aviation Authorities, representing the authorities of 37 European countries.
Meanwhile, the European Joint Aviation Authorities have granted type certification for the A340-500.
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