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JFFMJoint Fleet Maintenance Manual (US Navy)
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Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual Volume IV, Tests and Inspections, Chapter 18, Submarine Salvage Inspection, Submarine Salvage Inspection Check-Off List requires, "Escape Training: Verify that all hands are trained in buoyant ascent and buoyant free breathing ascent or SEIE escape." The Continuing Training Manual (CTM) requirement for training is every 24 months with tracking of training in the Continuing Training Support Software (CTSS).
Volume V, Chapter 8, of the Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual (JFMM) contains the definitions and processing procedures for a DFS.
* ComFltForComInst 4790.3, REV B, Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual
From individual sole source CNO Availability contracts for the submarine repair to competitive Multi-Ship/Multi-Option (MSMO) contracts for surface ship and carrier repair and overhaul, SEA 024 directly supports material readiness requirements outlined in CFFC's Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual (JFMM).
We are working to include management measures necessary to ensure coordination by including the Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual.
IV, Chapter 25, ComFltForComInst 4790.3, Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual (Rev.
The confusion comes in when personnel refer to the Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual (JFFM) and read section IV-III-4A.1.J(1) that says, "The use of goggles is not required for routing sampling or specific gravity measurements." This confusion is now eliminated...
The fifth task is to pursue an active discrepancy-correction process as outlined in the Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual (JFMM).
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