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JFSCCJoint Force Space Component Commander (US DoD)
JFSCCJoint Force Support Component Commander (US DoD)
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The Joint force support component commander (JFSCC) concept attempts to address this ad hoc nature of organizations at the operational level.
* The Joint Force Support Component Commander would be responsible for the theater's logistical, maintenance, and transportation needs.
The advocates for a Joint force support component commander (JFSCC) or similar Joint theater logistics command point to the need for such a "single point of contact" to direct the logistics processes with comments like, "responsibilities for common support lack synchronization and are often in competition with one another and with multinational and interdepartmental agencies," and "no single entity has been given the responsibility for providing the overall command and control." (79) However, doctrine states that there are, in fact, designated points of contact that coordinate virtually every aspect of CUL through the J4's LRC and various boards and centers.
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