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United States-based HAAH Automotive Holdings and Zotye USA, the distributor of Zotye Automobiles of China, have launched their new, joint headquarters in the Orange County, California city of Irvine.
It was the joint headquarters of the British Army of the Rhine and the Royal Air Force.
- pages 6&7) THE latest of a series of money-saving plans put forward by Cardiff council involves selling off both City Hall and County Hall - and setting up a new joint headquarters elsewhere.
* Adding the responsibility of global standing joint headquarters to USTRANSCOM;
Since 2005, France's Fluor Architecture has been operating on a unique model: founding principals Herve Schneider, 36, and Guillaume Avenard, 37, have been running a shared practice from their respective hometowns of Strasbourg and Avignon, a distance of some 500 miles, with the nominal joint headquarters being Strasbourg.
Sarah - who is single and lives in Middlesex - has also worked at the high-security Permanent Joint Headquarters in Northwood, where all war-planning takes place.
Additionally, there were other discussions, presentations, and visits including the UK's Permanent Joint Headquarters (London), Navy Command Headquarters (Portsmouth), Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) (Bristol), HMS Raleigh (Plymouth), HM Naval Base Portsmouth and HMS Hurworth (MCM-39).
RAF Benson, RAF Boulmer, RAF Chicksands, RAF Coningsby, RAF Cosford, RAF Cottesmore, RAF Cranwell, RAF Digby, RAF Fylingdales, RAF Halton, RAF High Wycombe, RAF Honington, RAF Kinloss, RAF Leeming, RAF Lossiemouth, RAF Lyneham, RAF Marham, RAF Odiham, RAF personnel from Permanent Joint Headquarters Northwood, RAF Scampton, RAF Shawbury, RAF St Athan, RAF Swanwick, RAF Valley, RAF Waddington, RAF Wittering, Queen's Colour Squadron, Defence School of Languages Beaconsfield, Joint Service Signal Unit Cheltenham, Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit Northallerton, MoD Hospital Unit Peterborough, MoD Abbey Wood, RAF personnel from the Defence College of Policing & Guarding, Southwick Park.
We already have informed the joint headquarters based at the Torkham dry port," he added.
MEPs called for civil and military missions to have a joint headquarters to manage and coordinate their actions.
"Yes, some difficult decisions have been made but at the end of the day, we will be an absolutely front rank military power with full capability in all the services, and we will be able, I think, to point to some really important pieces of equipment and capability that we will have," he told staff at the Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ), in north west London.
Chiefs of staff from Algeria, Mali, Mauritania and Niger were meeting in Tamanrasset, southern Algeria, where they have set up a joint headquarters to coordinate the fight against al Qaeda in the Sahara.
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