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Exceptions to the Joint Travel Regulations are available for civilian employees assigned to Incirlik AB and Ankara Air Station.
And now what you have in the Joint Travel Regulations is a document that actually conflicts with itself in places.
if the move occurs within one year of ending active duty or according to the Joint Travel Regulations (37 USC Sections 404-411).
The Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) now requires travelers on official travel to pilot sites to stay at government (DOD) or DOD Preferred commercial lodging facilities and use the Defense Travel System to book their stay.
The AFAFO implements the guidance and requirements found in the public law and Department of Defense Financial Management Regulations (DODFMRs), Joint Travel Regulations (JTRs), Air Force Instructions (AFIs), and policy memoranda.
The FAR also prohibits applying a fixed fee against travel costs because the government limits reimbursement for travel to the maximum per diem rates in effect at the time of travel, as set forth in the Joint Travel Regulations.
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