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As a comparison, the Joint Tax Committee estimates that eliminating the deduction for charitable contributions, other than for education and health, would save $230.5 billion during the next five years.
The Obama administration proposal would raise $2.5 billion in additional revenues over 10 years, according to the Joint Tax Committee.
Even if this president succeeds in all his tax increases on "the rich," the result will net only $82 billion (according to the Joint Tax Committee) in new revenue per year, versus a deficit of $1.1 trillion in 2012.
Conservatives, likewise, saw the deduction as "an efficient way to distribute public money to charities, as it cut out the government middlemen" (Joint Tax Committee testimony before the Senate Finance Committee, October 18, 2011).
The extension of jobless benefits, by contrast, will cost just under 57 billion dollars, according to the joint tax committee.
The congressional Joint Tax Committee prepared a hypothetical example to illustrate how the computation would function.
"Joint Tax Committee revenue estimators may tell you to expect to gain about $200 billion a year from letting these tax changes lapse," he said.
To help educate Congress, the public, and issuers about the tax-exempt bond proposals included in the Joint Tax Committee's report, The Bond Market Association, in conjunction with GFOA and other issuer and industry groups, is hosting a Web site about the detrimental effects the provisions would have on state and local governments.
The Joint Tax Committee estimates that the bill will cost $126 million over the next 10 years.
The Joint Tax Committee has acknowledged these concerns: The proposal would not provide specific definitions regarding what constitutes a "change in a meaningful way" or "substantial non-tax purpose." Defining these terms in the Code could prove problematic, be an inadequate deterrent, and could hinder valid business transactions; because a codified definition likely could not properly address the variety of circumstances in which the economic substance doctrine should be applied.
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