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JOTDJoke of the Day
JOTDJerry of the Day
JOTDJunior Owner to Drive (equestrian)
JOTDJoint Operations Target Development (US DoD)
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A dozen telegrams were sent out to the mine, and on receipt of the replies, the dealing became the joke of the day. The mine was still deserted, and no fresh inspection had been made.
JOKE OF THE DAY "When they get round to calling you a Marxist, I will give you some tips on how to handle it."
A day before, memes started circulating on Facebook and Twitter against the LTFRB - notably, one called 'Joke of the Day' which showed the pictures of LTFRB chairman Martin Delgra III and board member Aileen Lizada.
Bodi said that Trott's going home from the Ashes due to stress illness was the joke of the day, compelling him to take up the heat and stop running for cover.
JOKE OF THE DAY "I was going to say something about how good it is being a Jew in the Labour Party at the moment but someone told me you guys don't get irony." MP Stella Creasy raises a laugh at the Jewish Labour Movement fringe as she mocks Jeremy Corbyn's previous comments about British Jews failing to understand "English irony".
Joke of the day "I have one thing that William Hague hasn't," said Philip Hammond, touching his hair as he paid tribute to his bald predecessor at the Foreign Office.
SIR JOHN MAJOR JOKE OF THE DAY "I was at Wembley last night.
Joke of the Day: "That's our new fisheries policy, folks -first chuck Salmond overboard, and then eat the 'Kippers for breakfast." Boris Johnson sets his stall out against nationalists north and south of the border.
JOKE OF THE DAY "Brooks Newmark looked distraught in Whitehall on Friday.
Expect it to be in the thousands by the time the capital votes next May GOING DOWN Any hope that Jeremy Corbyn might have had of achieving unity in his Shadow Cabinet following the latest bust-up over Trident JOKE OF THE DAY "The Chair called the first question from a man at the back.
JOKE OF THE DAY "It's a pig in a poke, conference, and unlike some, I'm not into that," Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Owen Smith on the Tories' national living wage "con".
JOKE OF THE DAY: "While we have nearly 400,000 members, the Conservatives probably have just a quarter of that.