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JOOPJournal of Object-Oriented Programming
JOOPJournal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (British Psychological Society)
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Joop brings the ideal mix experience and skills to drive Aperi in this exciting phase.
Joop Drechsel: It is very much a philosophy of ours to have a meaningful stake but - at the same time - make sure the local partner remains in the lead.
Lynne and her staff also like having Maco and Joop around.
First, that JOOP (and other scientific journals) can only serve its role satisfactorily if papers report sufficient methodological and analytical detail to allow for the scientific replication of reported findings, but that this should not in any way preclude consideration of practical implications.
Echoes of War," Joop van Wijk's heart-wrenching study of children who have lost parents or gone through grave trauma, skilfully uses storytelling and fable to communicate with kids from four countries, without being unduly depressing.
I could tell it was hard for Joop to leave his mother's hug.
Mr Hughes, 32, from Bangor, was believed to have been held down on the road outside Joop nightclub in Bangor last May, and died the following day from injuries caused by crushing.
Through Menachem's girl friend, Miriam Waterman, a connection was made with Joop Westerweel and his wife, Willie, who had, by mid-1942, already been involved in some illegal action on behalf of Jews, but not on a large scale.
Robert Collet, who won the Derby for the fifth time in eight years with Bleu Nuit last season, runs both Tiger Groom and Joop Bere.
Imagine, then, the head of department, Joop Postma, exclaiming during the Monday morning meeting:
Friday - Joop Jeans selling day with informal modeling at 5 p.