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JODJordanian Dinar
JODJust One Dime (course)
JODJournal of Democracy (Washington, DC)
JODJournal Of Development
JODJuvenile-Onset Diabetes
JODJoint Operations Division (US DoD)
JODJet Ole Database
JODJack of Diamonds (hearts game where the jack is a bonus)
JODJudicial Oversight Demonstration (various locations)
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Benefits of the MasterCard Cedar Miles cardThe MasterCard Cedar Miles card allows its holder to benefit from the following advantages:-AaA welcome bonus of 3000 miles.-Aa1 mile for every Jordanian Dinar spent on the Platinum card, and 1 mile for every 1.5 Jordanian Dinar spent on the Classic card.-AaInsurance on travel accidents up to USD 100,000 for every cardholder.-AaInsurance against the theft of purchases made using the card, up to USD 1500.-AaImmediate checking, through the Internet, of monthly spendings, in addition to the SMS Alert service on the cardholder's mobile phone, and the e-statement service.
Dirham 0.98800 0.99500 Bahraini Dinar 9.62000 9.70700 Kuwaiti Dinar 11.96300 12.23000 Jordanian Dinar 5.08600 5.20300 Egyptian Pound 0.13400 0.22400 Chinese Yuan 0.46500 0.55800 Tunisian Dinar N/A 1.56500 Moroccan Dirham N/A 0.38500 U.S.
Dirham 0.98800 0.99500 Bahraini Dinar 9.66000 9.74800 Kuwaiti Dinar 11.96400 12.18800 Jordanian Dinar 5.09700 5.21400 Egyptian Pound 0.13500 0.22500 Chinese Yuan 0.46400 0.55800 Tunisian Dinar N/A 1.56000 Moroccan Dirham N/A 0.38400 U.S.
"The Jordanian Dinar is stable as it is pegged to the US Dollar" Ensour said, noting that Jordan does not impose restrictions on the movements of investors' capital and that the government approved a number of economic and financial legislation that serve investors.
Dirham 0.98800 0.99500 Bahraini Dinar 9.61000 9.70500 Kuwaiti Dinar 11.97500 12.17800 Jordanian Dinar 5.07500 5.19200 Egyptian Pound 0.13500 0.22500 Chinese Yuan 0.46200 0.55800 Tunisian Dinar N/A 1.55700 Moroccan Dirham N/A 0.38300 U.S.
Ensour told Jordan TV's "60 Minutes" show that the recovery of the economy means that we need more time for reforms, noting that the Jordanian dinar is stronger now that at any time.
The sector, he added, also boost the Jordanian dinar by propping up foreign currency reserve with more than $7 billion.
25 - The SANAD Fund signed a local currency loan in Jordanian dinar equivalent to $1.5 million with FINCA Specialized Micro Loans, a microfinance institution (MFI) in Jordan.
"As recent unrest in the region is likely to have engendered rising sovereign risk premia in Jordan and other Middle East countries, further tightening of monetary conditions is appropriate, to sustain the attractiveness of Jordanian dinar (JD)-denominated assets and strengthen the international reserve position," the report added.
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