JORNJindalee Operational Radar Network
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In turn, Ambassador Jorn Rosenberg underlined that the appointment to Mongolia as an Ambassador was his own choice and expressed his willingness to pay attention on fields and projects the head of state of Mongolia mentioned as promotion of economic ties has been always a main focus during his 30-year career in diplomatic service.
Ambassador Jorn Rohde stated that economic relations should ideally resemble the German autobahns, providing speedy solutions to all issues.
Caption: ABOVE Norwegian musicians Bernt Jansen and Nils Kvaale Rue perform bass and vocals in Jorn Lande and Trond Holter's Dracula-Swing of Death.
Jorn and his team were visionaries in developing the software, services and business models to make such external web data usable for internal decision-making.
Meanwhile, Jorn dutifully follows up Gemma's lead about the third girl in the rollercoaster photo and makes an important discovery.
Speaking on receiving the award, Jorn Lyseggen, said: "It is an absolute honour to be recognised by The Europas organized by the leading technology media property TechCrunch.
La obra de Jorn Utzon (1918-2008) es una arquitectura expectante y atenta del lugar donde se ubica.
A rock concert with the participation of Norwegian heavy metal star Jorn Lande was the highlight of the celebrations.
The brainchild of Danish architect Jorn Utzon, who won a competition to design the landmark in 1956, it is celebrated as one of the most distinctive buildings in the world.
The office will be headed by David Almeida, A-B vice president of sales, and Jorn Socquet, vice president of marketing for A-B, who took over that role this year.
The current National Assembly building was opened in February 1986; designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, who had also designed the Sydney Opera House.
Next on the pile are Anthony Ryan's Blood Song, Tony Black's Artefacts of the Dead and The Hunting Dogs by Jorn Leir Horst.