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JOSEPHJoining Up Organisations to Support New Engineering Pathways Into Higher Education (UK)
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"Joseph wants me to see if his--his buggy is at the door.
Joseph at this burst out into a wild fit of laughter; in which, encountering the eye of Miss Sharp, he stopped all of a sudden, as if he had been shot.
"In their presence," pursued Pumblechook, "I will tell you, young man, what to say to Joseph. Says you, "Joseph, I have this day seen my earliest benefactor and the founder of my fortun's.
"Say you said that, and even Joseph will probably betray surprise."
Aunt Jamesina had brought with her not only the Sarah-cat but Joseph. Joseph, she explained, had belonged to a dear friend of hers who had gone to live in Vancouver.
"She couldn't take Joseph with her so she begged me to take him.
His peevish reproofs wakened in her a naughty delight to provoke him: she was never so happy as when we were all scolding her at once, and she defying us with her bold, saucy look, and her ready words; turning Joseph's religious curses into ridicule, baiting me, and doing just what her father hated most - showing how her pretended insolence, which he thought real, had more power over Heathcliff than his kindness: how the boy would do HER bidding in anything, and HIS only when it suited his own inclination.
Joseph Alexeevich is living poorly and has for three years been suffering from a painful disease of the bladder.
Have you nothing else, Porter?' inquired Sir Joseph.
It is hard to make a choice of the most beautiful passage in a book which is so gemmed with beautiful passages as the Bible; but it is certain that not many things within its lids may take rank above the exquisite story of Joseph. Who taught those ancient writers their simplicity of language, their felicity of expression, their pathos, and above all, their faculty of sinking themselves entirely out of sight of the reader and making the narrative stand out alone and seem to tell itself?
Sensible men who had wind of the story began by saying that Joseph Buquet had been the victim of a joke played by one of his assistants.
That very night a telegram was sent from the station of Long's Peak by Joseph T.