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JPKJabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (Malay: Department of Skills Development)
JPKJabatan Pembangunan Koperasi (Malaysian Cooperative Development)
JPKJoseph Patrick Kennedy
JPKJesse Pearlman Karlsberg (musician)
JPKJaring Pengaman Kesehatan (Indonesian: Health Safety Net; Jakarta, Indonesia)
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family dynasty Joseph Patrick Kennedy III is great-nephew of JFK
Audrey Twitchell "Little" Edie Beale Sara Gettelfinger Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr.
THE bad luck began to happen some time after Irish Catholic patriarch Joseph Patrick Kennedy had accumulated the fortune that made him, his wife Rose, and their nine children international celebrities.
But far from being proud of his Irish roots, Joseph Patrick Kennedy did all he could to play them down, believing his ancestry a hindrance to his burgeoning political ambitions.