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The reference voltages derived from the Josephson voltage standard system are known with uncertainties of about 0.05 [micro]V, provided that the sampling time of the multimeter is not greater than 10 s.
Tang, Evaluating the Uncertainty of Josephson Voltage Standards, Metrologia 36, 53-58 (1999).
Of all references used, the easiest to access and most precise should be a frequency standard for the time interval analyzers and Josephson voltage standard frequency counter.
The gain error was checked and calibrated at 1 V against a Zener reference calibrated in situ by a Josephson voltage standard. The 1 V range was used for the velocity signal measurements to prevent DVM overloads from occasional voltage noise or spikes greater than 100 mV.
Reproducibility and uniformity of the fabrication process make molybdenum di-silicide the leading candidate for future lumped-array Josephson voltage standard circuits and systems.
Strengthening the link of the Josephson voltage standard to the SI system was a task that has been dominated by watt balance experiments.
This calibration step incorporates a high quality voltage reference (in practice a Josephson voltage standard), and uses the force coil as an induction coil.
A NIST scientist recently demonstrated the new Windows version of the control software for the 10 V Josephson Voltage Standard (JVS) system.
This definition of [K.sub.J-90] is the present volt representation, based on an ideal Josephson voltage standard. The conventional value was assumed by the CCE to have a relative standard uncertainty of 0.4 [mu]V/V.
Achieving practical output voltages is one of the greatest challenges for the ac Josephson voltage standard, also known as the Josephson arbitrary waveform synthesizer.