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An argument that the Josephson junction can act as a reversible curvature-to-voltage converter was presented in the previous section.
2.1, and (2) the QVNS uses Josephson junctions to generate synthetic pseudorandom noise voltage with a known magnitude (VQ), described in Sec.
Ma, "Simulating the electric activity of fitzhugh-nagumo neuron by using josephson junction model," Nonlinear Dynamics, vol.
Moreover, conditions for the Cooper-pair insulating state to persist in In[O.sub.x] may be disrupted by the ion beam irradiation, through the decrease of the charging energy (between superconducting islands in the 2D Josephson junction array that represents the material in the CPI phase), by the breaking of Cooper pairs in the islands, or by the increase of the film's temperature due to energy losses to phonons.
For example, before NIST could offer the present fast, automated primary calibration service, transfer standards were calibrated against the NIST Josephson junction array and the transfer standards used to calibrate customer standards.
In the type II YBCO superconductor this is also true with the exception that weakly coupled Josephson junctions [16] can also form between individual molecules across the copper oxide planes and across grain boundaries typically composed of an oxide layer.
Improvement in the properties of Ag-doped Y[Ba.sub.2][Cu.sub.3][O.sub.7-x] grain boundary Josephson junctions, phys.
This discovery meant that the researchers could use the known solutions of the Kuramoto equations to predict how a string of similar, but nonidentical, Josephson junction oscillators becomes synchronized.
One type of SQUID consists of a small superconducting inductor shorted by a Josephson junction. Because of the unique properties of the supercurrent in the Josephson junction,|9,10~ the SQUID has a nonlinear inductance that can be described by
Superconductors could lead to the following advances in electronic systems: high-speed, low-noise, and low-power Josephson junction active devices; ultra-low loss, zero-dispersion transmission lines and filters; potential for hybrid semiconductor/superconductor integrated circuits; solid-state power switching; superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUID) used for magnetic and electromagnetic sensing; and integrated circuits for analog-to-digital (A/D) sensor (IR, microwave, and millimeter wave) components.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of high temperature superconductor (hts) based josephson junction and quantum interference device (squid)