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Students were shown video highlights of Bob Ross' Joy of Painting shows, which I found on YouTube and his website.
Children should experience the joy of painting, making messes, and playing with clay and water and even mud at times.
The child's joy of painting, along with many hows and whys for the teacher, is eloquently conveyed in this colorful and helpful book.
I rediscovered the joy of painting when I lost my job due to redundancies and needed something to express myself in a positive way and painting sort of saved me from the onset of depression.
It was not the masochist programme I expected but a thing called, The Joy Of Painting.
DOES anyone have a book called the Joy Of Painting by Bob Ross?
One of my earliest memories was in the days before Sky+ having to skip school in order to watch episodes of The Joy of Painting with the late Bob Ross.
The whole evokes some of the most illustrious figures of modern and contemporary painting, from Jackson Pollock to Albert Oehlen, without any one influence ever coming to dominate and thereby reduce its strange singularity, engendered by the joy of painting, which is what ensures its continued vitality.
He created them for the joy of painting them and to experiment with the changing light and colour.
JOY OF PAINTING Pat Napper, of the Rumney Arts, Group at Rumney Memorial Hall.
I believe his show, of which I've seen only fragments, but fragments see perhaps a hundred times, I believe his show is called "The Joy of Painting.