JSPOCJoint Space Operations Center (US DoD)
JSPOCJoint Senior Psychological Operations Course (US DoD)
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Sources included JSpOC data drawn from 34,000 GEO conjunctions closer than 10km within a three-year period, conjunction data from the Space Data Centre over the same period, and four other independent analysis methods.
When I was the DIRSPACEFOR in theater, I could pick up the phone, I could reach out and I could call the JSpOC, they could do their thing, they could call me back and we'd have plenty of time to think about it.
In fact, we currently have a number of allies and partners serving in critical crew and leadership positions in the JSpOC.
The JSpOC and the 547th should have ISR for space Airmen assigned to create realistic threat scenarios that challenge the combat capabilities space provides to the joint war fighter.
Combined, these sensors provide the JSpOC with roughly 300,000 to 400,000 measurements (observations) per day.
The second objective called for determining the feasibility and quality of performing an orbit determination and differential correction of the observed RSOs by using the most recent published orbit estimations in two-line element (TLE) set format from the JSpOC.
5) Therefore, the CAOC acts as a clearinghouse for theater integration, deconfliction, and synchronization of air and space capabilities and is supported by the JSpOC.
So there'll be a lot of changes coming along; there'll be a relationship between the JSpOC and the JICSpOC that still has to be defined.
That was when the concept of a JSpOC of the future, as Weeden called it, came about.
With that one test, the space catalog grew by over 15,000 debris particles trackable by the space surveillance network (SSN) and the JSpOC and hundreds of thousands of debris particles too small to be tracked by the SSN but still large enough to be a safety concern for human space activites in low Earth orbit.
And from that we're going to build a technical requirements document update to the JSpOC mission system and we're going to build an updated CONOPS for how we should command and control our capabilities in a multi-domain environment.
FreeFlyer will support the JSpOC Mission System (JMS) program to provide Space Situational Awareness (SSA) capabilities.