JSSSJVX (v-22) Simulation Support Software
JSSSJava Script Style Sheet
JSSSJournal of the Simplified Spelling Society
JSSSJazz Scale Suggester System (software)
JSSSJapan Society of Sport Sociology (est. 1991)
JSSSJournal of the South Seas Society (Singapore)
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The BSB also procured water and fuel bags to help build up storage capacities at the COPs and JSSs to reduce the frequency of logistics convoys to those sites.
The base life sustainment of the COPs and JSSs was an organized effort by the BCT's force protection cell (brigade engineers), S-4, and BSB (primarily for transportation support).
Senior commanders at all levels have stressed the critical role JSSs and COPs played during the surge.
Job-securing social skills (JSSS) and job-retaining social skills (JRSS) can be grouped under this category.
When the three groups were compared using oneway ANOVA, the scores were statistically different for BSSS, JSSS, and skills for interaction with fellow workers.
Participating appropriately in a job interview (M=5.75) were the items with the highest scores for JSSS. For JRSS, items with high scores included requesting an urgent day's leave (M=5.70), resolving conflicts with seniors (M=5.49), cooperating with colleagues to perform a group task (M=5.53), not being involved in destructive gossip (M=5.48), helping to instruct or demonstrate a task to a colleague (M=5.16), and handling complaints from clients (M=5.0).
BSSS received the highest percentage of responses (34.1 percent) and JSSS ranked second (30.6 percent).
With the support of the 25th Infantry Division, the battalion's FSC began repairing not mission capable (NMC) generators located at FOBs and JSSs. The FSC's task was to travel to FOBs and JSSs that were identified as having little to no generator power, make an initial assessment, and perform any necessary repairs.
The Baghdad security plan initially started off with 30 total JSSs and COPs in the Multi-National Division--Baghdad AOR.