JU88Junkers 88 (German WWII bomber)
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The Ju88's pilot and observer survived being shot down and were apprehended by Home Guardsmen before being treated for their injuries in Lytham Hospital.
On October 12, he helped shoot down a Ju88 fast bomber off the East Sussex coast and three weeks later, destroyed the Me109 during a duel in the skies over Kent.
The donation reminded staff and volunteers of a Nazi Ju88 crashing near St Cyrus during the Second World War - an incident on which they are hoping to shed further light.
The Evening Mail reported: "Sitting in his turret with his guns out of action, a Halifax tail gunner, by a running commentary on an enemy fighter's manoeuvres, enabled his pilot to evade six attacks by a German Ju88 during the RAF's 3,000-ton raid on Frankfurt on Wednesday night, says the Air Ministry.
He unearthed engine parts, a pair of boots, machine gun rounds and fragments bearing the JU88's identification.
A day later, they destroyed an Me109 and an Me110, shared an Me110, two Ju87 "Stukas" and a Ju88. On May 31 they destroyed another Me109.
Above, a Junkers Ju88 German plane of the type that was shot down over Banks Marsh on its way to bomb Liverpool
It was early afternoon on January 13, 1942, when four Junkers Ju88 bombers of Kampfgruppe 506 were despatched along the coast of the North-east.
The night fighters are out, twin-engine Mel 10s, Me210s, and Ju88 bombers, with 20mm cannon and rockets blazing.
Information is wanted on the airmen in the photograph; TROPHY: Airmen from RAF Acklington show off part of a German Ju88 they shot down over Bedlington in 1941 PICTURE: BILL NORMAN; WARTIME DAMAGE: A bombed house; AIR RAID: Bomb damage in the region
He also shared in the destruction of a Ju88 bomber in what is the fastest recorded "kill" and which has been depicted by aviation artist Robert Taylor.
During Christmas,1942, on his first patrol in command of HMS Tribune, Porter was bombed by a Ju88. Porter took the sub into a crash dive and a stick of bombs shook the vessel so violently that it upset the cook who was preparing Christmas lunch.