JUBUJewish Buddhist
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Two of the most frequently asked questions with respect to the Jubu phenomenon are: "What is a Jewish Buddhist?" and "Are Judaism and Buddhism compatible?" These questions require redefining Judaism and Buddhism, and examining the contemporary links between belonging, identity, and practice.
The term JuBu is now commonly used--a quick Google search comes up with 39,500 pages of references in English--especially by Jewish Buddhists with a sense of humor.
Les mouvements de migration des etres humains et du sacre favorisent la rencontre de ce qui etait separe (Krishna et le Christ, le judaisme et le bouddhisme comme aux Etats-Unis dans le mouvement appele << jubu >>).
On Thursday, suspected Maoist insurgents torched the helicopter belonging to Nepalese domestic airline Karnali Air after it landed at Jubu village near Rumjatar, eastern Nepal.
(38.) Hu Changfa, "Guanyu gaojishu tiaojian xia jubu zhanzhen zhanyi lilun yanjiu de jige wenti" [Several key questions on the theory of hi-tech campaigns], Journal of the PLA National Defence University, no.
Contract awarded for 2017 yulpo food street (jubu toro route 146) road repacking construction waste treatment service
Contract awarded for 2017 yulpo food street (jubu toro street 146) road re-pavement construction